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Sleek and handsome our Bonito cabinet hardware collections by Tony Silveira is at once bold and reserved. The exact lines, squared angles, and honed planes present a distilled geometry: solid, precise, and pure.

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Our Izzie- Smooth collection offers a clean, minimalist design that is elegant and sleek. Available in our ten stock solid finishes but also available in optional combinations. The posts can be finished in a different color from the bar, this allows us to produce endless combinations between paint and or metallic finishes.

Timeless cabinet hardware collections pulls

Contrasting textures are the hallmark of our Timeless Collection. Each piece is machined with a complex diamond pattern that adds a unique handsome design.
Smooth metal ends provide a gleaming counterpoint to the knurling center portion.
Available in a combination of finishes with the option of designing your very own piece.

Parma Collection elevates simplicity into elegant refinement, with its textured cutaway offset on the face offering stunning visual appeal.
Can be perfectly paired with our Tarta Collection which offers the similar eye catching elegant design.

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